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About the Roman Painted House

Following the substantial excavation of the Painted House in 1971, this important building lay buried and officially forgotten for several years. In 1975 the Kent Unit financed the re-excavation and opened the House for final public viewing. Such was the public response, however, that an appeal for funds was soon launched and the Unit devised a complete preservation-scheme. The Painted House Trust was soon set up and a construction programme, to build a massive environmentally controlled cover-building, started in April 1976, This huge task of preservation and display was undertaken by Trust volunteers and completed in a non-stop 404 day operation. It was opened, on schedule, on 12th May 1977,

All those who had worked so hard on the excavation and the preservation scheme were delighted that the Painted House soon won four national awards, These were:

  1. For Outstanding Tourist Enterprise, 1977 (British Tourist Authority)
  2. The Best Presentation of an Archaeological Site to the Public, 1978 (Country Life)
  3. The Archaeological Team showing the Greatest Initiative, 1978 (Legal & General)
  4. Museum of the Year Award, special prize, 1979 (Imperial Tobacco)